Friday, June 27, 2008


Week Uno of residency is done. This week I have been an active (level of attentiveness directly proportional to coffee consumed) listener on medical ethics, computer training 101, neonatal resuscitation, fetal strip monitoring, and a whole host of etc. A smorgasborg of items that will be entirely useful at some point really soon, I hope. Today I am still an intern-to-be. Monday I am THE DOCTOR trying to decide if a vaginal bleed in a pregnant woman is life threatening and in need of acute hospitalization, or simply because they just had sex with their baby daddy. I'll probably wait to report on that in the middle of my panic next week.

It's been an odd week around the G2P2 household. My eldest daughter at 3 1/2, whom my husband and I affectionately nicknamed "Smiley," has adjusted well to mommy being gone this week; by now I suppose she's used to my irregular spurts of working really, really hard. But for the last 4 months, I've been done with med school and a complete SAHM. And this has really thrown off my younger 16-month-old daughter, whom we call "Chumby" (she a tough girl - "gets knocked down and gets up again," ala Tubthumper) has had a hard time righting herself this week from the blow of not having mommy around. We're also weaning her from her addiction to my boobies this week. So in essence, we've taken away her best friend (me, of course) and her portable smoothie machine (me again). You'd be bummed too!

Hoping I enjoy my last weekend "free" of work with my husband, whom I'll call ArchiDad, Smiley and Chumby. 4:45 am on Monday will come might fast! Yikes!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

7 minutes in heaven

I don't watch TV - not really, at least. TV in my world is 2 hours disguised as "folding laundry" (you know, matching one pair of socks every, say, 5 minutes) as I disengage totally watching anything on Bravo - (you go, Housewife! Spend that hard earned OC dough on your third 200K wedding!) I say this about not watching TV because all of my non-doctor friends are like, "Wow, you're going to be an intern! Cool! Just like on Grey's Ana.tomy!" Um, well, I guess, but no, not really. To be fair, the only snippets I've seen of that show involve interns hooking up in hospital linen closets. So I can't really make a comparison. But I hope that we do more than hook up for 80 hours a week...that sounds really tiring. And not particularly helpful for keeping hospital linens, ahem, clean...

I start Ob/residency in 8 days. That gives me 8 days left to power parent, unpack boxes from our recent move, hit the pool a few times with the goyles, date my husband and yes, start a blog. So here it goes...

A few ground rules, here. I'm only going to spend 7 minutes at a time to write a post. I have some time management issues from years past that still occasionally catch up with me. So in an effort to keep myself on some sort of legit track, 7 minutes is all I give at one time. Meter's up already. There you go...